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    #WomenAgainstFeminism #TreesAgainstEnvironnementalism

    Gentlemen & Ladies here you have it:

    Women are helpless little children with no more agency than a tree.


    i think i gagged a little


    So now they’re comparing women to trees?


    - Horus

    at least trees produce oxygen. militant feminists just waste it.

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    hey stop calling that character your “waifu” its basically raping fictionkin who identify as that character because no one consented to it thanks

    …This is a joke, right? And this person’s entire blog is a joke, right?

    …Please tell me they’re…

    I’ve honestly moved on from Tumblr.

    I eventually got sick of the fucking recommended posts, the crazy fem and mras. 

    Even when I block tags it’s no use. I unfollowed blogs, I tried it all.

    So heres a big FUCK YOU to Tumblr. I found a better site. Well, I’m just going back to my old home on the net. /b/

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    white people dont put spices in their food this is falsity.

    I only ever seen the one gif but holy shit the whole gifset is needed in this case

    Oh honey I’m European.& you better know I like my shit spicy.

    Damn right. Fuck this “white people have bland food” shit.

    Shoulda tasted the fucking lentils I made you assburger see how you think of white people then.

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  4. kittycatkissu:


    I am so over people thinking that Leis look like this: 


    A lei takes hard time and vigorous work. We (Hawaiians) wake up at the crack of dawn to gather whats needed to make the lei that we want. It can take hours or days to make the leis and Hawaiian’s make leis with only good intentions and love because they believe that if you make a lei with malicious intent it will come out into the lei. There is many different ways to make leis and we also make leis from shells and feathers. It isn’t only Hawai’i that makes leis but throughout Polynesia fellow Polynesians make leis in their own style. 

    To call the above image a lei is disrespectful to my culture and I want that shit to stop. That isn’t a lei, the images in the photoset are leis. 

    This so much this ldkfaj;sldf. <__<;; also calling any kind of food “hawaiian” for having pineapple in it…….. my dad especially hates that. 

    On a lighter note, my auntie Daisy is really good at making leis. Then i’m here like HOW PUT LEAF WITH OTHER LEAF. 


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    Thought I would share with you guys some of the websites/links/things that I am in a love/love relationship with. Come with me on the magical mystery ride of the interwebs!

    1. These Zella ‘Perfect Run’ Running Tights (pictured above) which are actually perfect.
    2. 101 tips for running

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    So apparently frogmans room got flooded this weekend. Some of his stuff was destroyed and he had to be relocated to another room in his house. This room has an entire shelf of over 20 of the tackiest purses I’ve ever seen in my life.
    Anyways he’s making posts complaining about it.
    This. This is what you get for comparing men to m&ms you fat fuck.

    Imagine a house of rooms. 10% of them will flood.

    Go ahead. Pick a room.

    Not all rooms will flood.

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    Bunny food critic | [X] - SpicaSirius

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    Fury Belle #56 - Jontron done Wrong

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  9. Anonymous said: Ok, I get that shark finning and killing sharks because "fuck you you're a shark" is wrong, that's easy to see. But what about catching sharks for other purposes, such as food? Personally I think that's ok, as long as there's restraint and regulations and stuff (sorry for the poorly worded ask)


    No.  There’s other food you can eat that won’t effect an entire ecosystem.